Thursday, June 19, 2014

A Crown For a King

Hey guys and gals, I am Red King, but it'll likely be just Red... Or King..... Or Boss of the Galaxy, your pick.

But really, I am just like these the other two guys in the group of Send More Robots. I play a lot of video games -- it helps relieve the monotony of my retail job (as it seems with all of us) -- and I'll actually try to provide a service to the rest of you guys by looking like an idiot as I play through all the games we find/you request. I, truthfully haven't done much with my life except work and I briefly went to Kaplan College to get some sort of certification or degree to feel like I did something (Certified Rehab technician, CNA, Phlebotomist, and EKG Tech, and I still can't find work in that area!).

But really, this is all for the fun of it. I want to bring quality work and fun and entertainment to other people so that maybe you don't have to deal with the craziness of real life for just a few minutes out of the day. I really hope you enjoy everything we put out, as we will always put all of our hearts and minds into the task at hand. This is something we love to do, too, so we want it to be as awesome as it can be. It's a mad world out there, and when something doesn't kill ya, I hope it makes you stranger.

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