Friday, June 20, 2014

Pun about comics!

Hey, Mr. Hueth here! By now our first episode of Comics, Comics, etc. has been released (and you of course watched it and was all like, "OMG I FRIGGUN LUV CAMICS"). Guy and I talked a bit about the series we are following, but I neglected a good portion of mine due to one part bad memory and two parts not getting enough sleep. So I thought I should post up my list as it stands at the moment. If there are any related titles you think I should follow, please let me know. I may not get to them right away, as I lack a large sum of what some folks call "currency," but I'm willing to play a little bit of catch-up on a good series.

-Batman: Detective Comics
-Batman Beyond Universe (GET OUT OF THERE, MCGINNIS!)
-Forever Evil: Arkham War
-New 52: Futures' End
-Green Arrow (Haven't been keeping up to date, so I should fix that, yeah?)

-Ms. Marvel
-New Warriors
-X-Men (Still looking for issue 2...)
-Wolverine and the X-Men

Here are some series that I'm thinking of continuing, but finding the single issues will be an enormous pain, so I may just go trade with these.
-Deadpool: The good, the bad, and the ugly
-Justice League
-New Avengers
-The Trial of the Punisher

I'm also following Furious (from Dark Horse) and enjoying it. From Image, I'm going to start picking up Rat Queens and The Wicked + The Divine. In trade, I'm working on:
-Wonder Woman (Why does it have to die? Why pa?)
-Green Lantern: New Guardians
-Supergirl (I may end up catching up and then going for the single issues)

Like I said, if there is anything else you would recommend to me, I'm all digital ears.

Until next time, enjoy you're lives.
     Mr. Hueth

PS: bees...

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