Sunday, June 22, 2014

...Or Be Squared

To finally conclude our little introduction series, we'd like to shine the spotlight behind the curtain, on the last two members of our web family. Since both of their names start with C, The Intern and our director/producer are collectively labeled C2. They help keep our operation running smoothly by handling the filming and editing our videos, creating the amazing music, and generally rounding us yobbos up -- sometimes we get a bit out of hand. In addition to keeping us focused, these two lovely ladies keep our social media updated and you in the loop.

Without further ado, let's meet C2!

Hello, everyone. I am The Intern.

No, I am not paid. No, there was not an application process for the position. I'm actually the self-appointed intern because hawkeyeorhawkguy is my older brother, and I offered to help him with this project. So I do intern-type stuff, like assist any of the talent (but mostly our director) on Send More Robots. Most of the time I'll work behind the scenes, but I'll be making a few appearances when I'm not too busy with college or other junk. I also watch too much tv, listen to a lot of music and don't play enough video games. That's about it for me (but I promise our channel is much more exciting!).

Hey, y'all. Your friendly director/producer here.

Unlike these other cool kids, I don't have an internet name. Even "director/producer" is too big a title for me, but I'll do my best to live up to it. Before going to college, I had very little knowledge of -- or, frankly, any interest in -- comics, video games, and stuff like that. Funny story, true story: I hadn't even played a video game until I started dating hawkeyeorhawkguy. But thanks to him, I've become a bit more familiar with the expansive world of comic books (including artists), games (including Dungeons and Dragons. Umm...Carlos the Dwarf, anyone?), and all things Nerd. When I'm not learning interesting factoids from the other members of Send More Robots, I enjoy taking pictures and doing a bit of writing. They say the purpose of life is to be happy, and I couldn't be happier spending it creating with my friends. Thank you so much for being a part our Send More Robots community.

Now that you've met us, we want to meet you! Drop us a line on any of our social media sites: YouTubeFacebookTwitterTumblr, or Instagram. Feel free to leave us comments on this blog, as well. We want to work with you to produce content that we can all be proud of.

Thanks for reading. Catch ya later!

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